Flow Software Australia Rebrands to Fusion Factory

Fusion Factory delivers dynamic data integration solutions ensuring your people, partners and systems all work together – sharing data to achieve business success.

Flow Application-to-Application Integration

Benefit from transparent access to crucial business data – whether it is located across different databases, hardware platforms, and diverse applications or in the cloud via hosted (SaaS) or web-based services.

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Flow B2B & EDI for Organisations of all Sizes

Engage your trading partners through one gateway regardless of volume & technical capability. Merging EDI & B2B eCommerce into one solution to fully automate your business trading with customers and suppliers.

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Flow B2C Integration for eCommerce

Dynamic data integration for any size eCommerce business. Manage integration between a merchants ERP, warehouse management or point of sale system with their eCommerce website, e.g., Magento & Demandware.

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Multi-Channel eCommerce Solutions

To launch, replatform & add new channels to an online business, our solutions provide cloud-based, product information management & publishing tools to centrally manage product data & publish to multiple online channels.

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In recent roles within online retail I needed a solution with the ability to handle complex data between our back-end systems, our website and our online sales channels. We researched available tools and found the Fusion Factory team. We knew from the first meeting and demonstration that the CommerceConnect solution and team suited all our data transformation needs. I’m in the process of working with the team again with similar requirements. It’s the third time I’ve worked with them and that’s saying something.
Peter Ratcliffe, Retail Apparel Group
The most complicated part we see for eCommerce is how to manage massive amounts of product data and standardising that data for use across multiple channels — particularly with automotive product and fitment data. The Fusion Factory team has good knowledge and understanding of business rules, the online environment and business challenges to help our clients turn data into information.
Jim Gurieff, Enform Networks