More and more people are combining bricks-and-mortar purchases with buying and researching products online through multiple retail websites, online marketplaces and shopping comparison sites.

Consumers expect to find engaging, multimedia product information that is current, consistent and tailored to their needs. If a product fails to deliver, they quickly move on — and a potential sale is lost.

In this competitive digital economy, online sellers must ensure their product information is accurate, consistent and up-to-date across their sales channels if they want to turn browsers into buyers.

As a result, online sellers and sales organisations face the following urgent challenges:

IMPROVED INTEGRATION: Online sellers need to find an easy and cost-effective way of integrating product, customer and order data.

BETTER DATA MANAGEMENT: Managing data from within different systems and online channels is hugely inefficient, often requiring manual processing and/or ad hoc software solutions that lead to data errors and duplication.

RAPID CONNECTIVITY TO NEW CHANNELS: Getting data online may require the installation of a new software interface for each separate channel, which can be a difficult and expensive process.

EASIER CHANNEL MANAGEMENT: Data can take many different forms, and online sales channels often require their own specific data formats. This lack of data uniformity can make it difficult for online sellers to redeploy data from one channel to another.

To meet these challenges — a multi-channel, cloud-based online product information management and publishing solution — gives you complete control over your data.  The solutions that come to most online retailers minds are very expensive and out of their reach.

CommerceConnect is an affordable solution developed in Australia by Fusion Factory and implemented by iconic retail brands.