Flow Integration Software

500+ sites including leading Australian and New Zealand businesses trust Flow Software as their mission critical Integration and EDI software platform together processing millions of transactions a day.

Flow revolutionised integration software with a fresh approach focused on integration of technologies rather than specific applications, and a unique blend of graphical design and software coding to give the ultimate flexibility to your integration projects.

Graphically Design your Integrations

Unleash your integrations with the power of both graphical configuration AND coding:

  • Unique graphical configuration for ease of use and coding for ultimate flexibility to create your integration solution
  • Leverage existing integration code created in .Net or other COM languages
  • Reduce cost and time to deploy integration solutions

The Flow integration platform allows you to concentrate on just the code needed to map and transform your data between databases, files, and web services (SOAP/REST). The important but boring tasks of logging, reporting, exception handling, transaction handling, and communication are handled automatically by the Flow integration platform.

Connect to Technologies

Flow’s integration platform is based on Technology Connectors enabling you to integrate any application, API, file exchange, or database. Technology Connectors give you direct graphical configuration of any database, file, web service, and program libraries (i.e. Assemblies and COM objects).

Traditional integration platforms provide application connectors as extra modules enabling integration to specific software packages (and at worse specific versions of those packages). These can limit your integration to predefined pathways that are not suitable for your unique business requirements.

Connect to your Applications

Flow Application Adapters built on top of  Technology Connectors get you started quickly and are fully customisable. Application Adapters are pre-built configuration for interfacing with specific software packages, but unlike tradition integration software they are fully customisable.

Create your own Application Adapters or share with the community. Build Application Adapters directly into your own software with the FlowAPI.

Take Control of your Data Transformation

Graphical mapping tools that create a bamboo forest of lines between mapped fields can quickly become limiting when you have complex data manipulation requirements. Flow allows you to step beyond simply drag and drop mapping for complete control over the mapping and transformation of data.

Connect to the World

Easily send and receive data files through the Internet with protocols like HTTP/S, AS2, SFTP, FTP/S, and SMTP. Flow also connects with your traditional VAN networks like Sterling Commerce and GXS.

Reporting and Notifications

Create rich user reports, forms, labels and notifications:

  • Design your own reports, forms, labels and email notifications with the powerful built-in report writer.
  • Publish dynamic reports to printers, email, and through websites.