Omni-Channel eCommerce Made Simple and Affordable

Whether launching, re-platforming or adding new channels to your eCommerce business CommerceConnect allows you to share your product data intelligently with all your channels.

A one-stop cloud solution
CommerceConnect is one-stop, cloud-based, eCommerce solution that brings together advanced PIM and omni-channel publishing tools for retailers, manufacturers and distributors to manage, enrich, and publish product information.

CommerceConnect Omni-Channel eCommerce Platform

End-to-end data integration 
Suitable for businesses of all sizes, CommerceConnect allows for end-to-end data integration with back-end systems across your supply chain, providing seamless connectivity with ERP/POS, WMS, CMS, Catalogue Production and Supplier applications to ensure data consistency.

Centralised data management 
CommerceConnect consolidates all product data within a centralised database repository, so you can avoid data processing and duplication in separate systems. You can easily enrich, review, edit, organise and report on your product data from within a single location. Once data is created, it is automatically distributed to all channels. Additionally, any changes or updates you make to data within Commerce Connect are automatically published across all channels to ensure the accuracy and consistency of your data.

Fast on-boarding to new channels 
A CommerceConnect solution offers seamless plug-in connectivity with leading eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces, affiliates and shopping comparison sites to make onboarding quick and easy.

Simplified channel management 
CommerceConnect can map category and attribute data to accommodate the specific requirements of individual channels. This way, you will have access to consistent data across all channels that will build confidence in your brand. You can also specify different categorisation, pricing, inventory and listing rules for each online channel to create rich, customised product offers and promotions.

Assisting organisations to sell online

CommerceConnect supports various eCommerce platforms and online channels including: Magento, Demandware, Bigcommerce, EPiServer, Rakuten Marketing, Amazon, Tmall, eBay, Westfield, Google Shopping, Criteo, Commission Factory, SDL Fred Hopper, Bazaarvoice and Getprice. For more information, please view our Channels Supported page.

Is CommerceConnect right for you?

Ask yourself whether you can:

  • Enrich the characteristics of product information easily
  • List products across multiple marketplaces to increase profits
  • Manage product category and attribute mappings per marketplace
  • Integrate with back-end systems and suppliers
  • Centrally manage different requirements from eCommerce channels cost-effectively
  • Allocate inventory across multiple channels and minimise the risk of overselling

Download The CommerceConnect Omni-Channel Datasheet Here