Accelerate Business Growth on eBay with CommerceConnect

A major imperative for listing products on eBay and any online channel is customer-driven product data—this can be the key difference between visitors and buyers. Accurate and up-to-date product data drives both consumer confidence and brand loyalty. In turn, consumers feel that they are purchasing the right product, at the right price, at the right time.

A growing challenge for organisations’ wanting to sell products on eBay—is how to successfully prepare product data in an eBay format and ensure it’s optimised for highly visible search results to maximise eBay sales. Companies need to find a solution that will integrate data into a unified format.

The Fusion Factory CommerceConnect omni-channel platform is a centralised data management solution with numerous out-of-the-box functions and features to help merchants optimise their eBay listings.

CommerceConnect Omni-Channel eCommerce Platform

The Future of Ordering & Shipment

With an eBay store, merchants are now in a position to offer buyers various delivery options. In addition to traditional shipping methods, the eBay Click & Collect service allows buyers to collect their purchases from the sellers shop front or from eligible pick-up locations. CommerceConnect manages all your order, shipment and Click & Collect data in one central location.

Are you eBay & eCommerce Ready? Ask yourself whether you can…

Centrally manage all aspects of your product data cost-effectively.

✔  Easily enrich product data for eBay and other online channels.

✔  Seamlessly list products on eBay and other online channels.

✔  Manage product category and attribute mappings for eBay and other online channels.

✔ Integrate eBay with back-end systems and suppliers.

✔ Allocate inventory to eBay and other channels to minimise the risk of overselling.

To meet these challenges and remain competitive, CommerceConnect and Fusion Factory integration services provide robust, cost effective information management and omni-channel publishing solutions giving merchants complete control over data. CommerceConnect can also receive orders from various channels in different formats and has the ability to standardise and reconcile all data into a single format.

The complexities to integrate with eBay are simplified and managed within CommerceConnectthis makes Fusion Factory and the CommerceConnect omni-channel platform an easy choice.

Future Proofing Your eBay Investment. You Can Also…

Accommodate future growth
Whether you’re just starting, or expanding, CommerceConnect will keep pace with the demands of your business, CommerceConnect can manage as little as hundreds up to hundreds of thousands product listings on eBay.

Reduce in-house IT expenditure
There is no need to invest in additional hardware, software licensing or IT resources. Instead, CommerceConnect manages everything for you in the cloud—so you can redirect resources toward key business goals.

Achieve rapid ROI
CommerceConnect offers full connectivity with eBay and leading eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces and other channels. Publishing to multiple channels is quick, easy and seamless.

Safeguard IT investment
Easily integrate and publish data from your existing back-end systems, business applications, suppliers and websites.

Simplify and improve data management
Consolidate and manage all of your dispersed data within a centralised data repository, eliminating duplication of data and risk of errors associated with multiple sources of data.

Convert browsers to buyers
You can publish targeted, customer-driven product data to multiple channels to help increase customer satisfaction and drive up sales.

Boost staff productivity
Simply integrate your product data from your back-end systems. This means you can relieve your staff of repetitive manual processing tasks so they can get on with core business activities.

Inspire customer trust
CommerceConnect will ensure the data you publish is accurate and current across all channels. As a result, your customers will always have access to accurate data, which will enhance the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand.

Leverage new markets and sales opportunities
CommerceConnect’s complete and out-of-the-box integration capabilities allow you to quickly onboard new channels, allowing you to take advantage of emerging online channels that can help boost your revenue and market share.

Build brand awareness and customer loyalty
You can easily create special offers and promotions that are tailored to different channels. In this way, you can boost brand exposure and customer loyalty.

Download the eBay Integration Solutions Datasheet Here