Your transformation, our innovation

Who are we?

We’re passionate about unifying data and making it work for your business. At Fusion Factory, we understand the need to integrate systems and data for a more unified experience. Fuelled by an innovative culture, we’ve fostered two powerful platforms to assist you in this goal, FLOW and Comestri.

Since launching in 2008, Fusion Factory has delivered data integration and synchronisation to over 130 clients in Australia. Today, we work worldwide. Our success stems from a proven ability to skillfully integrate business systems and workflows to ensure the flow of data across your entire business and trading partner network.

We offer more than just technology solutions. Fusion Factory also delivers business process automation through a team of dedicated consultants who bring diverse expertise to every client.

Our reputation for delivering quality solutions and services has helped us cultivate a diverse client portfolio that includes organisations of all sizes, spanning many industries.

Our clients range from blue-chip companies to innovative SMEs and we are proud to partner with a distinguished list of Australia’s most well-loved and trusted brands.

Meet our Management Team

Fusion Factory offers more than just technology expertise. As successful entrepreneurs who have previously built and nurtured highly profitable companies, our team has extensive international experience, helping clients globally achieve market expansion with operational efficiency.

Across business systems, people and processes, we would love to help your business develop an integrated technology landscape that unifies your data and delivers on your promise to customers of a unified experience.


Did we mention award-winning?

Thanks to Comestri (previously CommerceConnect), Fusion Factory proudly won ‘Best Multi-Channel Technology Solution’ vendor at the 2018 Solution Provider Excellence Awards run by NORA, the National Online Retail Association.

Among a field of heavy-weight competitors, Fusion Factory was voted as a leading innovator in multi-channel technology solutions by +2,500 respected retailers from a wide range of industries.



Are you interested in joining our award-winning team? We’re always looking for innovative individuals who share our passion for data.

Watch this space for future job posts.