MotoParts is one of the leading distributors of automotive parts and car accessories in Australia—with a long history in the B2B commerce space supplying wholesale auto parts throughout NSW and Australia. MotoParts decided to launch into a completely new sales channel to leverage their existing business model—driving a whole new section of growth for the business. “As one of the largest online marketplaces, eBay was the obvious choice for MotoParts to start our online presence,” said Scott Shillinglaw, Online Director for MotoParts.

Business Drivers

“We required a solution to manage product data feeds, with the added functionality of enriching and enhancing product data ready for listing on eBay. We needed to integrate with our ERP system, specifically product, pricing and inventory data along with both eBay and MotoParts new consumer eCommerce website. This also included receiving orders from eBay and our eCommerce website and sending shipment updates,” said Shillinglaw.

For sellers of automotive parts, the complexity and volume of parts data is an added challenge. The massive increase of vehicle models and variants over the past few decades is further complicating the automotive parts industry.

“At MotoParts we needed the data to be in a coherent format to allow us to list products on eBay that easily identifies a part, the vehicle it fits and in a format that people feel enticed to purchase,” continued Shillinglaw. “Buyers that would be shopping in the automotive aftermarket can be enthusiasts or do-it-yourself people and if the product data isn’t presented in a compelling way—you’re not going to make the sales.”

Fusion Factory Speeds Time to Market for MotoParts

“With their experience, the team at Fusion Factory were able to integrate and automate MotoParts solution in the fastest and easiest way possible with minimal hassles,” said Shillinglaw.

“We were referred to Fusion Factory by PARts who provide us with automotive parts content,” explained Shillinglaw. “Fusion Factory was one of the few, if not the only company having the essential experience with large-scale integrations in the automotive parts industry. I didn’t want to waste valuable time working with an organisation where I would need to explain the basics. Fusion Factory and the team have a solid reputation and the price was right—this made the decision easy for us. We would not have been able to get where we are today and where we are heading in the future without the work delivered by Fusion Factory.”

“The team has been fantastic in their flexibility and receptiveness to any of our business needs—nothing is ever a problem,” added Shillinglaw.

Parts to the Solution

With Fusion Factory and the CommerceConnect application, MotoParts are managing their product data in a centralised solution. The product data is received from PARts and collated with inventory and price data from MotoParts ERP system the data is frequently synchronised in an intelligent way in order to list products on eBay.

“Orders that are placed on eBay are extracted and standardised into one format—ready to be processed by our ERP system,” said Shillinglaw.

“It was vital for our eBay sales success to have a solution that could handle two-way integration with our backend systems—paving the way for seamlessly adding more online sales channels, said Shillinglaw. “The CommerceConnect solution and the team at Fusion Factory manage all the intricacies of these integrated processes extremely well.”

“CommerceConnect sits in the middle between our online sales channels and our backend systems and collates the orders from all channels,” said Shillinglaw. “Orders are pushed through to our inventory management system which pushes data through to our warehouse management system then the products are ‘picked and packed’ with the online shipment process fully automated. Inventory feeds are currently pushed through daily, enabling us to always have the correct maximum level of stock online at any one time.”

Business Value Delivered

Building a New Online Sales Business from the Ground-up

  • The complete MotoParts solution was delivered and their eBay store live within just a couple of months.
  • CommerceConnect is a robust commerce solution that doesn’t hit a wall at hundreds of thousands of listings—a solution that will keep up with MotoParts fast growing online business.
  • Fusion Factory’s knowledge and experience in the automotive parts space saved MotoParts significant resource time and IT spend.
  • Listing on eBay with CommerceConnect established a solid foundation, allowing MotoParts to add many additional online sales channels, as they desire— with minimal work.

Achieving a Rapid ROI

Listing on eBay increased MotoParts total revenue by 5% within a few months. “We are happy with the results—It’s a great start to moving into new channels,” said Shillinglaw.

The Road Ahead

“Now that we have built a solid foundation with Fusion Factory, we have a fantastic opportunity to go after as many online channels as possible to rapidly increase our sales,” said Shillinglaw.

“We are working with Fusion Factory closely in planning our future online sales strategies and destinations. We are looking to expand into many different online sales channels including our own consumer eCommerce website,” added Shillinglaw.