Over 180 organisations have benefited from Fusion Factory’s Dynamic Data Integration & Omni-Channel eCommerce Solutions


“Fusion Factory has extensive knowledge and experience building eCommerce solutions for clients in the automotive parts industry. They understand the business processes and data requirements associated with the constant changes in the complex world of automotive parts. A significant deciding factor in choosing Fusion Factory is they can deliver a solution that will scale as our business grows—the sky is the limit. We are looking at hundreds of thousands of SKUs and this is possible with CommerceConnect. We have comfort in knowing that Fusion Factory can support MotoParts business.”
Scott Shillinglaw, Online Director, MotoParts.net.au

Retail Apparel Group

“The Fusion Factory solution matched all our data transformation needs—at the right price. Their in-depth knowledge of the online retail industry, data integration, omni-channel processes, complex platforms and complete understanding of business requirements is second to none,” said Peter Ratcliffe, Head of Digital at Retail Apparel Group. “We now have a centralised solution to manage the data for our four iconic men’s clothing brands. This also includes managing our variable sale price adjustments—previously handled manually in our POS system. We now have uniform pricing between our bricks and mortar and online sales channels—all in one system.”
Peter Ratcliffe, RetailApparelGroup.com

Trebuchet Logistics

“I would absolutely recommend the Fusion Factory team as a trusted integration partner. The great benefit for Trebuchet in Australia was the speed to market that the Fusion Factory team and the Flow Integration software delivered for us. The knowledge within Fusion Factory regarding EDI, infrastructure related architecture, data transformation rules and business processes are very sound. I have dealt with integration partners previously that do not understand the business processes—making it difficult and lengthy to deliver project requirements. The ease of navigating within the Flow Integration software to view integration processes and configure new integrations within Trebuchet is an immense benefit and significant cost saving.”
Anthony Mancini, Technical Business Solution Delivery Manager, TrebuchetLogistics.com.au

Forever New

“With Forever New’s rapid online business growth, both locally and oversees, we made the strategic decision to automate the integration of our new eCommerce website with our critical business data systems. We were looking for a robust and locally supported solution. When our eCommerce Program Manger evaluated options he introduced The Fusion Factory team and solutions - they ticked all the boxes and made it an easy choice for us. They have a deep understanding of online retailing, business data integration processes and they are experts in designing solutions to manage complex data. As a result we have significantly greater efficiency across our systems, program and support staff and eCommerce websites.”
Matt Keays, Group General Manager Information Technology and Process, ForeverNew.com.au

Bed Bath N' Table

“Our first contact with Fusion Factory personnel was a positive experience — during a full day workshop with all technical touch points for our website build. They gave us confidence that they knew their software solutions, and more importantly, that they understood some of the systems we worked with. Fusion Factory understood the more complex requirements that we mentioned, and were of the opinion that anything was possible. All throughout the implementation they have indeed proven they can provide a data integration solution where what we required was possible, and can help us build on our solution into the future.”
Michele Treloar, Business and Process Analyst, BedBathNTable.com.au

MRT Performance

“The complexities to talk to eBay are hidden and managed within the Fusion Factory CommerceConnect solution. This made it an easy choice for us.”
Brett Middleton, Managing Director, MRTPerformance.com.au

Big Balloon

“The Fusion Factory team enabled us, from the very beginning, to trade electronically with Australia’s biggest toy retailers like Myer, Big W and Target. The retailers expected our systems to work seamlessly with their own – and that’s precisely what they achieved. “I would unequivocally recommend Fusion Factory to anyone needing an EDI or integration solution for their business.”
Tony Oates, Managing Director, BigBalloon.com.au

Cartdridges Direct

“Thanks to Fusion Factory’s CommerceConnect omni-channel platform we now have our products listed on multiple online channels and can seamlessly expand to others. The Fusion Factory team is always available and very professional.”
Simon Williams, Managing Director, CartridgesDirect.com.au

Enform Networks

“The most complicated part we see for eCommerce is how to manage massive amounts of product data and standardising that data for use across multiple channels — particularly with automotive product and fitment data. The Fusion Factory team has good knowledge and understanding of business rules, the online environment and business challenges to help our clients turn data into information.”
Jim Gurieff, EnformNetworks.com.au