Create Your Own API

Employ the power of Flow in your own applications with the Flow API, and avoid compiling bespoke code into your application to satisfy your client’s unique requirements.

Satisfy unique client requirements without bespoke code

Plug Flow seamlessly into your own applications and use it to publish an API for your software that is powerful and customisable. Using Flow you can dynamically expose an API for your software in multiple technologies such as file based, database, SOAP or REST web services to support the capabilities of the software or companies you need to integrate with.

Flow can also be used to connect your software with other APIs in a customisable way that enables your application to be plugged into any software your clients require. Your clients can then in a controlled manner connect your software with their other business applications.

Concentrate on your core product

Avoid hardcoding bespoke solutions for each client and allow your development team to concentrate on your core product features while enabling customers to self-manage the integration of your application into their business at their own pace. You can instantly provide the ability to integrate your application to hundreds of different business applications – even ones that you have never heard of.

Publish and consume any web service without re-compiling

With the FlowAPI integrated with your application, you can publish and consume new and different web services and interfaces without having to re-compile your application. Your consultants and partners can dynamically map your standard interface defined in your application into any number of other methods to support unique client requirements.


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