B2B & EDI Solutions for Organisations of all Sizes

To operate within today’s highly distributed business model requires near real-time connectivity to your network of trading partners. Yet despite this critical need for B2B integration the interactions between companies their suppliers and customers remain highly inefficient.

Implementing a high-performance EDI solution with Fusion Factory allows you to integrate your systems with those of your customers, partners and suppliers. This means you can easily exchange data and documents with your trading partners to boost productivity and efficiency across your supply chain.

A Fusion Factory solution quickly integrates with your existing business applications to fully automate your business processes. You can customise the workflow to align with your unique business requirements.

The Fusion Factory solution can manage the exchange of practically any kind of commercial documentation between you and your trading partners for example: invoices, purchase and sales orders, order confirmations, advance shipping notes, product catalogues, price lists, inventory, etc.